Protect Community Health Centers

More than 1 in 5 Californians rely on Community Health Centers (CHCs) for their medical needs, including preventative checkups, cancer screenings, COVID-19 care, prenatal visits and much more.

CHCs are the backbone of California’s health care delivery system, ensuring our most vulnerable populations – including agricultural workers, the unhoused, the uninsured and veterans – have access to the care they need.

California’s 1,400 CHCs are a vital part of the state’s health care delivery system, helping to provide care that many of our frontline workers in rural and underserved regions of the state would otherwise be without.

Community Health Centers share a common mission to serve anyone who walks through their doors. But, when costs for CHCs increase, many of these health centers that are already operating on stretched budgets are forced to make tough cuts.

The result? Reduced services, limited clinic hours and in some cases, being forced to close their doors altogether, leaving people in those communities without access to essential care.
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Since early 2020, CHCs have played an integral role in providing care for communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, offering additional programs like mental health services once offered by counties.

But with staffing shortages, supply chain issues and increased demand, CHCs are stretched and strained like never before.
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